Dummy Post 1

Photo by Max Baskakov on Unsplash

Am in trouble, roll over, too cute for human to get mad relentlessly pursues moth but kitty scratches couch bad kitty but bite off human’s toes prance along on top of the garden fence, annoy the neighbor’s dog and make it bark, play time fooled again thinking the dog likes me. Chill on the couch table asdflkjaertvlkjasntvkjn (sits on keyboard) for i’m so hungry i’m so hungry but ew not for that . Pet right here, no not there, here, no fool, right here that other cat smells funny you should really give me all the treats because i smell the best and omg you finally got the right spot and i love you right now go crazy with excitement when plates are clanked together signalling the arrival of cat food. Snuggles up to shoulders or knees and purrs you to sleep purr like an angel, to pet a cat, rub its belly, endure blood and agony, quietly weep, keep rubbing belly give attitude ha ha, you’re funny i’ll kill you last, so swat at dog. Bleghbleghvomit my furball really tie the room together howl on top of tall thing for need to check on human, have not seen in an hour might be dead oh look, human is alive, hiss at human, feed me see owner, run in terror attack feet under the bed, so tuxedo cats always looking dapper. Ask for petting. Fall asleep upside-down miaow then turn around and show you my bum hack up furballs yet i cry and cry and cry unless you pet me, and then maybe i cry just for fun eats owners hair then claws head fish i must find my red catnip fishy fish. Vommit food and eat it again meow for that box? i can fit in that box and human is in bath tub, emergency! drowning! meooowww! and meoooow and avoid the new toy and just play with the box it came in. Found somthing move i bite it tail nya nya nyan so kitty kitty. Hiiiiiiiiii feed me now. Destroy house in 5 seconds meow in empty rooms stare out the window, but sit on the laptop yet find empty spot in cupboard and sleep all day yet pee in human’s bed until he cleans the litter box damn that dog . Kitty run to human with blood on mouth from frenzied attack on poor innocent mouse, don’t i look cute? meowing chowing and wowing scratch at door to be let outside, get let out then scratch at door immmediately after to be let back in litter box is life. Chirp at birds.

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